1. To assist in establishing and enhancing the offering of studies in the Greek language and fields of Greek literature, history, philosophy, art, society and culture at academic institutions.

2. To assist in the establishment of curricula in the Greek language and related fields, especially litera-ture, leading to a baccalaureate degree.

3. To encourage and assist academic institutions in establishing graduate programs in the aforemen-tioned areas of Greek studies.

4. To work with other organizations in the United States whose goals and objectives are to promote and enhance the teaching of the Greek language, Greek literature and Greek culture at academic institutions.

5. To assist academic institutions in the collection of research material and various data pertaining to Greek culture and studies in general.

6. To assist in the creation of archives of Greek American families and organizations who have played important roles in the history of America.

7. To assist in establishing and organizing
(a) visiting lecture programs involving prominent scholars in Greek culture and civilization, and
(b) exchange programs of prominent scholars in Greek studies between academic institutions in Greece and the United States.

8. To organize seminars, symposia and conferences for the promotion of the aims and objectives of AFGLC.

9. To assist in the publishing of scholarly works on Greek civilization and culture and all the other related fields.

10. To engage in projects and programs involving the aforementioned fields as the Trustees and Directors deem appropriate.