1. Both you and AFGLC share the same fundamental desire to see Hellenism recognized by people of all ethnic backgrounds for its importance to the intellectual life of the West;

2. AFGLC, with its narrow focus and 400 years of collective experience of education at the university level, has perfected a mechanism whereby these objectives can be implemented rapidly and relatively inexpensively at colleges and universities of all sizes;

3. The endowment of a professorship can be accomplished with as little as $200,000-$300,000, as opposed to an endowed chair, which usually requires  more than  $1,500,000; thus the same amount of resources can accomplish five to ten times as much;

4. Chairs are usually reserved to senior scholars, who frequently teach only a small graduate class or two, not large numbers of undergraduates; professorships target active educators who reach many more students from the general university population, not just graduates and majors who already appreciate Hellenism;

5. Both the Interdisciplinary Center itself and all the professorships in it are structured contractually to be permanent: despite future budget cuts, the deaths of individuals, or hostile administrators, both the program and all of its academic lines will be secure in perpetuity;

6. Because the Interdisciplinary Center plan makes use of existing university resources, amplifying and improving them rather than requiring new academic lines, it appeals powerfully to university administrators; they are also enthusiastic because resources are available to the many different departments that participate in the interdisciplinary plan and because of the increased awareness and support of the local Greek community.