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Academic Affairs - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
General Studies - Jewish Studies Faculty

Alexander Onassis Benefit Foundation

American Hellenic Media Project (AHMP)

American Hellenic Professional Society

Brotherhood Achladokambiton St. Demetrios

Capital Link - Greek Stock Market

Christ the Savior Greek Orthodox Church
Presentation at the Temple - Rev. Stanley Harakas

Cretan Association Omonoia

Cretan Youth

Cyprus Net

George Skaroulis, AFGLC 2010 Forum 's Featured Greek Artist

Greek American Women's Network (GAWN)

Greek Forum

Greek Frontpage


Hellenic American Cultural Association of Colorado

Hellenic American Union

Hellenic Biomedical Association

Hellenic Business Group

Hellenic Canadian Academic Association of Ontario

Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC)

Hellenic Heritage Institute

Hellenic News of America
A Very Brief Description of the AFGLC Program For Interdisciplinary Hellenic Studies Center ( ICHS)

Hellenic News of America
Dear Tri-State AFGLC Board Member and Friends,

Hellenic News of America
From the Desk of The President

Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois

Hellenic Resource Network
Position in Greek Studies at Univerisity of South Florida

Hellenic Resources Network

Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund

Hellenic University Club of Southern California

Hellenic Youth of Sao Paolo


Hellenism Of Connecticut

Hellenism of New Jersey

Hellenism of New York

Hellenism of the Greater New York Area

Greek Academics in the US

International Affairs - University of South Florida
Study Abroad in Greece

Laconian Professionals

Macedonian Cultural Center

Makedoniko Parko

Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians

New England Hellenic Medical & Dental Society, NEHMDS


Office of the President - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Inaugural Address

A Very Brief Description of the AFGLC Program For Interdisciplinary Hellenic Studies Center ( ICHS)

Panlemnian Philanthropic Association "Hephaestus"

Philadelphia International Foundation, Inc.

SAE Youth of New England

The Centre for the Study of Global Governance

The Greek Village-Toronto

The Hellenic Voice
Family honors Clement and Helen Pappas with professorship

American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture to Mark Endowment for Hellenic Studies Center at Stockton College of N.J.

Thessalonikeans Society

World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Union