John G. Hatsios

Mr. Hatsios was born in Kozani and grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece. He came to America as a young man and obtained his degree in electrical engineering from the University of Buffalo School of Engineering in New York State, where he also enjoyed classes in ancient language and literature. Later he earned a master's degree in management. He spent most of his professional career at IBM's biggest facility, the Large Computer Systems Center in Poughkeepsie. His technical facility in the development and manufacturing of large computers has earned him many awards and recognitions as an inventor, among them the coveted IBM Corporate Outstanding Contribution Award and the IBM Invention Award. He served on the Mid-Hudson Valley Technical Inventions Review Board for several years. Mr. Hatsios has been very active in the Greek Orthodox community, having helped to establish the parish festival in Poughkeepsie, served as youth coordinator, parish councilor, and chairman of the Hellenic Center. Now retired, he presently resides in the Trinity area of New Port Richey.