AFGLC is a public non-profit educational foundation registered in the State of Florida, with headquarters in Tampa, Florida. It is administratively and legally structured in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Government of the United States and the State of Florida. AFGLC is governed by a board of ten Directors and a non-voting administrator, the Educational Program Coordinator. In addition, its Board of Trustees is consulted on major issues. Twice yearly, AFGLC holds open assemblies at which time all members are invited to ask questions and offer input. AFGLC has been approved by the Federal Government of the United States as an educational, not-for-profit 501(c)3 foundation.

Membership dues, other contributions and donations to the AFGLC are tax-deductible.

Executive Committee for
AFGLC Headquarters

Dr. John Balis, President

Brief Biosketch

Mr. George D. Behrakis, Honorary President


Ms. Kalliope Halkias
Vice President, Treasurer

Mr. N. J. Maroulis

Dr. Elias Stefanakos
Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Byron Palls
Vice President, Editor, AFGLC Newsletter

Dr. Ulysses J. Balis
Managing Editor and Directory of
AFGLC Website Operations


Ms. Alexandria Stubos

Mrs. Ourania Stephanides
Senior Data Curator / Database Architect

Dr. William Yotis

Dr. Greg Arsenis

Mr. John Krinos

Rev. Dr. Stanley S. Harakas

Greece: Executive Committee

Dr. Nicholaos K. Artemiadis
Honorary President

Dr. Manolis Behrakis

Dr. Athanasios Papadopoulos
Vice President

Dr. Stephanos Gialamas
Vice President

Ms. Pota Bouba


Mrs. Pagona Mussouri

Mrs. Ioanna Tzanoudakis
Public Relations

Mrs. Vasso Foudoukakou

Mrs. Aliki Karali

Mr. John Camesas
Managing Director

Tri-State: Executive Committee

Dr. Peter N. Yiannos

  Dr. George Vassilatos
Deputy Director
Missouri: Executive Committee


  Mr. Nicholas Karakas
Tampa: Executive Committee


  Ms. Kalliope Halkias
Colombia: Executive Committee

Dr. I. Chavez Cuevas
Honorary President &

Director, Instituto Caro y Cuervo

  Dr. Luis Alfonso Ramirez
Website & Information Technology Operations


  Dr. Ulysses J. Balis
Chief information Officer &
Senior Managing Editor