Q: What Is the AFGLC "Committee of 100"?
A: This Committee consists of 100 Greek and Philhellenes who believe and support the noble educational mission to revive and enhance Helienism in the US through our Universities. Each member of this Committee will contribute $1000 (tax deductible)

Q: What are the monies to be used for?
A: The $100.000 will be raised for a distinguished named professor at the University of South Florida (USF), to be part of the ICHS.

Q: What will be the eternal name of this academic position?
A: This position will be the "AFGLC Committee of 100, Professor of Greek History."

Q: For what duration is this position?
A: This named distinguished professorship will exist for the life of the University, without expiration.

Q:How can one contribute to this worthy cause?
A; The check should be written to: AFGLC COMMITTEE OF 100". We have opened a priority account at AmSouth Bank. "AFGLC Committee of 100" Acct. # 7965956710.

AmSouth Bank #905
Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Suite 100
Tarpon Springs, Fl 34689

Day by day, the number of the participants increases. As of March, 1999, the total number of contributors was 63. With your support, we hope in the very near future to have attained our goal of $100,000.