AFGLC would like to thank the following individuals who contributed to the "Committee of 100." We appreciate their commitment and plan to display a beautiful plaque in honor of these generous individuals, naming them as "Committee of 100" contributors. This plaque will be displayed permanently at the ICHS at the University of South Florida. Upon the completion of the 100 members, a meeting will be called to celebrate the AFGLC named distinguished professorship.

1. Mr&Mrs. George Apostolou
2. Drs. John and Bayzar Balis
3. Drs. John and Bayzar Balis in memory of Dr. Takvor Erkman
4. Drs. John and Bayzar Balis in Memory of Dr. George Balis
5. Drs. Ulysses and Jennifer Balis
6. Hon. Congr. & Mrs. Michael Bilirakis
7. Marina & Titika Boukalis
8. Mr&Mrs. James Boutzoukas
9. Mr&Mrs. James Bush
10. Mr&Mrs. Mario Constantinou
11. Constantine L. Corpas, L.L.D and Molly Corpas, B.A.
12. Louis and Katherine Corpas
13. Dr&Mrs. Harry Diamandis
14. Mr&Mrs. Van Firios
15. Mr. Van Firios in Memory of his father Theodore Firios
16. Mrs. Irene Firios in Memory of her father Christos Kalivas
17. Mrs. Joanna Frangedis
18. Mrs. Joanna Frangedis for her grandchildren
19. Mr. Artemios Gavalas in Memory of his mother Maria
20. Dr&Mrs. Demetrios Halkias
21. Miss. Kalliope Halkias
22. Mr&Mrs. Dean Hampers
23. Mr. & Mrs. John Hatsios
24. Hellenic Professional Society
25. Mrs. Soteria Jamoulis
26. Mrs. Soteria Jamoulis in Memory of her Husband Dr. Constandine Jamoulis
27. Mrs. Soteria Jamoulis for Alysia Soteria Milonas
28. Mrs. Soteria Jamoulis for Deanna Constantina Milonas
29. Mrs. Soteria Jamoulis for Stacie Soteria Milonas
30. Mr. Dean Kantaras
31. Mr&Mrs. Dennis Kappas
32. Mrs. Terry Milonas Kappiris
33. Mr&Mrs. Efthimios Kalyvas
34. Ms. Efterpi Ketikidou
35. Dr. Takis Klis
36. Mr&Mrs. John Kokolakis
37. Mr&Mrs. Kosmas Kosmakos
38. Dr&Mrs. George Kostakis
39. Mrs. Mary Kottis
40. Mr. Van Kottis
41. Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Koutras
42. Mr&Mrs. Jimmy Koutsos
43. Mr&Mrs. John Krinos
44. Dr.& Mrs. Dimitri Lainiotis
45. Mr&Mrs. Peter Lane
46. Mr&Mrs. Angelo Leontaritis
47. Anthony and Jean Leontes
48. Dr&Mrs. Nicholas Maragos
49. Mr. Nick J. Maroulis
50. Mr. Nick J. Maroulis in Memory of his mother
51. Mr. Nick J. Maroulis in Memory of Vava Nela
52. Mr&Mrs. Eric Mellen
53. Dr. Aristotle Michopoulos
54. Mr&Mrs. Tasso & Thay Milonas
55. Mr&Mrs. Robert Murray
56. Dr&Mrs. Santo Nicosia
57. Dr&Mrs. Andreas Paloumpis
58. Dr&Mrs. Manolis Panagiotou
59. Mrs. Penny Panuthos
60. Dr&Mrs. Dino & Sheryl Pantages in Memory of Fotios & Nectaria Pantages
61. Mr&Mrs. George Pappas
62. Mr&Mrs. George Pappas in Memory of his parents Nicolas & Theoni
63. Mr&Mrs. George Pappas for their son Nick
64. Mr&Mrs. George & Irene Pappas
65. Mr&Mrs. John Pappas
66. Mr&Mrs. Louis Pappas
67. Mr&Mrs. John Pavlopoulos
68. Mrs. Mary Pechinis in Memory of her husband Alexander
69. Dr&Mrs. Nicholas Pelecanos
70. Daughters of Penelope
71. Mr&Mrs. Simon Platon
72. Mr&Mrs. Gregory Politis
73. Mr&Mrs. Gregory Politis in honor of their son Chris
74. Ms. Fotini Priniotakis
75. Drs. Mark & Effie Psarakis
76. Mrs. Toula Quinn
77. Mr&Mrs. Philip Rivers
78. Ms. Penelope Salmons
79. Dr&Mrs. Michael & Electra Sassaris
80. Mrs. Effie Sorolis
81. Mrs. Effie Sorolis from her Children
82. Mr&Mrs. Constantine Stames
83. Mr&Mrs. Dewayne Staats and Family
84. Mr. Costas Stathas
85. Dr.&Mrs. Elias Stefanakos
86. Mr&Mrs. Chris Tomaras
87. Dr&Mrs. Chris Tsokos
88. Dr&Mrs. Chris Tsokos in Memory of his father
89. Mr. Nicholas Tsokos
90. Dr. George Vassilakis
91. Ms. ElaineVarney
92. Mr&Mrs. John Vlahakis
93. Mr. Paul Vlahakis
94. Mr. Theodore Vlahakis
95. Dr.&Mrs. Fotis Vrionis
96. Mr&Mrs. Mike Zervos (Zervoudakis)
97. Dr. William Yotis