The fundamental educational mission of AFGLC is realized through the establishment of ICHSs at academic institutions of higher learning. To accomplish this mission, AFGLC has developed a dynamic plan that has been successfully applied through the creation of ICHSs in the following Universities:

- AFGLC- ICHS at the University of South Florida, a "Center of Excellence"
- AFGLC-ICHS at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

By demonstrating the feasibility of the novel ICHS concept, AFGLC has opened new educational avenues to fulfill its primary mission.

AFGLC recognizes the importance of both introducing and deepening among our students the riches of the Greek culture. Thus AFGLC has supported the establishment at USF of the Hellenic Society, to supplement classroom instruction with the living experience of Hellenic paideia. In recognition of its active presence in the academic life of the University, the Hellenic Society has been recognized as one of the "Best Student Organizations." Each year the Hellenic Society holds a campus-wide Hellenic Week of events at USF, and student members also assist AFGLC in various ways, especially at the annual Forum. AFGLC additionally helps support the USF Classics Club, for students interested in the ancient Greek heritage.

AFGLC recognizes and endorses the creation of summer academic programs that allow students to visit Greece. To date, AFGLC has supported the first summer academic program for students from USF and other academic institutions to Greece in the summer of 2003 and will send students this summer and subsequently.

AFGLC believes in sharing its educational efforts with the community. To this end, it provides a list of academics and other professionals available who are available to lecture at Greek-American and other civic organizations, universities, schools, and professional groups, on various aspects of Hellenism and pertinent topics of common interest. We will extend this lecture program to the cities and regions of the United States where AFGLC centers have been established.

AFGLC is devoted to making available to the public Hellenic educational and cultural exhibits. To this end it has sponsored the following community events:

- AFGLC assisted and supported the Tampa Museum of Fine Arts in bringing to the United States the exhibit Magna Graecia, Greek Art from South Italy and Sicily. This exhibit set a record for attendance among all cultural events in Tampa Bay.
- AFGLC brought the pictorial exhibit Alexander the Great and the Aftermath to USF and the Tampa Bay area, which generated an enthusiastic response among the local academic community and beyond.
- AFGLC presented the exhibit of works by the modern Greek artist Ghikas at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida, a show that enjoyed a long and successful run.
- AFGLC hosted the exhibit Cavafy-Seferis, Celebrated Poets of the 20th Century, at the USF Main Library, a presentation that secured widespread attendance from the university and the wider community.

AFGLC recognizes the important role that music and the arts have played and continue to play in Greek culture. Thus it has sponsored the following musical events:

- "Songs of the Homeland" by Marianna Rigaki, Winner of the Maria Callas International Competition, at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida;
- "Opera is in the Air" by Marianna Rigaki and pianist Yiannis Xylas, at the Concert Hall at USF, Tampa, FL.
- "An Evening of Piano" by Olga Militsis, at the Marshall Center, USF.

AFGLC recognizes the importance of carrying its message and objectives worldwide. Thus, it has created a 15-minute DVD video for distribution, providing a brief description of AFGLC and its mission. This DVD has received excellent reviews and is presently being updated.