Constantinos ( Gus) Georgiou

Gus, was born in 1930 in Clairton, Pennsylvania. His father immigrated from the Island of Cyprus and was working at the local United States Steel Mill as a laborer.

During the depression, 1932, Gus' family moved back to the island of Cyprus where his father bought a small farm with his life savings. Gus and his six brothers were raised on this farm. This farm, which is located in Neon Chorion, Kythreas, Cyprus, is now in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.

Gus attended the village's elementary school and the Pancyprium Gymnasium in Nicosia. He dropped out of the Gymnasium after he completed the 10th grade and returned to the United States where he worked in a restaurant for a few months and then joined the United States Paratroopers.

His military career which ranged from 1948-1952 included a tour of duty in Korea where Gus was wounded. Gus received an equivalent high school diploma from the United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI). From 1952-1955 he attended Georgia Tech where he received a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering.

From 1955-1996, he worked for the Dupont Company. He spent most of his career at Chambers Works, Deepwater, NJ. During his 41 years with Dupont Company he worked as Area Manager in several operating buildings dealing with the production of dyes and polymer intermediates. He also worked for several years with the R&D group as a Senior Research Engineering Associate. His last five years with the Dupont Company he was a consultant on waste disposal by incineration, landfills and or water treatment.

Gus continued his education at the University of Delaware taking advanced courses in Polymer Chemistry, advance organic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Gus was involved with many organizations. Specifically, Toastmaster International, Exchange International, AHEPA, Disabled Veterans, Purple Heart, Cyprus Federation, Georgia Tech Alumni Association, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Hellenic University Club of Wilmington, the Hellenic Literary Club of Wilmington and Cyprus Brotherhood of Greater Philadelphia. Gus held several positions of leadership in most of these organizations. After his retirement from the Dupont Company in 1996, Gus and his wife Georgiean reside in Wilmington, Delaware and they spend the winter months in Florida in Delray Beach. While in Wilmington, they attend Holy Trinity and in Florida, they attend St. Mark at Boca Rotan.