AFGLC Centers National and International

AFGLC centers within the United States are administratively and legally structured in accordance with the laws governing each state in which they are located. These centers are established and operate within the administrative structure and under the jurisdiction of the AFGLC Headquarters. The primary mission of each AFGLC center is to work with Headquarters in order to identify academic institutions within or near its geographical area at which a local Interdisciplinary Centers for Hellenic Studies (ICHS) may be established. Furthermore, each AFGLC center is to provide continuing support of their local ICHS once established, and its officers will serve on the ICHS board of directors.

1. Tampa Bay, Florida (operational)
2. Tri-State (Del., SE Penn., South Jersey) (operational)

3. Stony Brook (Long Island), NY (in support of Stony Brook University) (operational) New!
4. Baltimore, Maryland (under development)
5. Dallas, Texas (under development)
6. Orlando, Florida (under development)
7. Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona (under development)
8. St. Louis, Missouri (under development)